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As you browse the site,, you agree to take into consideration the terms and conditions contained in this part, without any limitation or qualification. If you don’t find any term mentioned on this page as agreeable, you shall not use the services of this website. As you avail the services, promotions and offers available on the WPleopard website, you are declaring that your age is above 13 years and the terms talked about in this document are agreeable to you. WPleopard reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any point of time and that too without notifying you beforehand.


WPleopard aims at providing its users a 100% reliable online ambiance and thus respects your right to privacy as an individual. We have implemented a privacy policy that governs the way we treat and use the information that you provide us online. We store and collect the privacy information you provide on the website. All sorts of personal information that your e-mail contains, will be used only to answer the query that you have raised through your e-mail. We may also cater information to you associated to new products, services, features, special offers and endorsements, using the information that you have registered with us. This information may also be utilized for the purpose of marketing within the organization that is targeted towards the improvement of our products and services. This way we will be able to serve to your requisites in an improvised way.


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As the user access or browse the website he or she agrees to hold and indemnify WPleopard, its affiliates, officers, agents, partners and employees inoffensive of any claims or demands including fee of the attorney produced by any third.


WPleopard’s headquartered in New York, United States. All the content of WPleopard is governed by the New York office and thus we do not hold the content as available or appropriate for users of other countries and locations. If the user browses accesses or uses the functions and services of from any other locations, it is user’s responsibility to comply by local laws, including import or export from and to other countries. WPleopard reserves the right to deny services to any user who belongs to or is a domicile of or is doing business from any banished country, other than when all the promotional or marketing content on the site is compliant to the laws of the US government.


With every project awarded to us, we put forth our 100% efforts to deliver within the allocated deadlines with top quality. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our work so we offer refunds if you are not satisfied with our services.

These are some general process we follow where refund will be applicable:

a) If you terminate the project, before we start working on it.
b) If quality is not up to the mark (deliverables based on which project was awarded).
c) If we fail to complete the project.

However, these are some cases, in which we cannot process the refund:

a) If we have already started the project and you want to terminate the services. A partial refund can happen based on discussions.
b) If files are already on your server or server you have asked us.
c) Delivery files are sent.

NOTE:  Refund requests will not be valid until you receive a confirmation from our billing department.


By using this website the visitor agrees to all the terms of use mentioned above. In case of any legal hassles, the legalities will be run in the New York Court. In case the Terms and Conditions document is held to be correct, the party prevailed is liable to pay the attorney fee and other costs. On the other hand, if there is a provision under which this document cannot be enforced, that provision will be brought down to the least possible extent so that the enforcement of terms and conditions document is not affected at all. The website and the services offered by it are covered under the terms and conditions document. The document is subject to agreement between website and the user. Until and unless the agreement is terminated by the user or WPleopard, it remains in effect.

This agreement can be terminated by WPleopard at any point of time without notifying you in advance. This will restrict the user’s access to the website for any reason that may include user’s inability to abide by and term or provision mentioned in this document. Once this Agreement is terminated by either of the parties, any materials taken from the websites shall be destroyed with immediate effect, including the duplicates of such material.


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